River Town

Blonde Ale- 4.5% ABV 18 IBU
This ale is light, easy to drink, and approachable. Well rounded and smooth. A great ale for lager lovers!

Pale Ale

Thirsty Soldier

British Ale- 4% ABV 26 IBU
Very mild and sessionable. Light amber in colour with slight bready notes.


Thrift Shop

Stout- 6% ABV 29 IBU
Pours jet black with a tan head. Notes of coffee, chocolate, and caramel. Starts sweet and finishes mildly bitter. *contains lactose

Rasp Wheat

Seasonal Pinky Pledge

Raspberry Wheat-5.0% ABV 12 IBU
Unfiltered and hazy. Brilliant pink in colour. This wheat ale is tart with a strong raspberry aroma and flavour. A refreshing summer sipper.

New England IPA

Nuclear Sunset

Unfiltered and heavily dry-hopped. This New England style IPA is beautifully hazy with slight bready notes, with citrus being the dominant flavour.


Crystal Bay IPA

A well-balanced, smooth and refreshing IPA. Malty, Piney aromas with clean and crisp bitter finish.

Dry Hopped Saison Style


Saison – 5.5% ABV 14 IBU
This saison style ale pours a lightly cloudy straw colour. Aroma is peppery, floral and fruity. A balanced and complex ale that hits your palette with everything from spice, flowers to citrus. Finishes spicy and dry with a lingering light bitterness.

Fruit Kettle Sour

Punch Funk Love

Fruit Kettle Sour – 4.3% ABV 27 IBU
This kettle sour was infused with plenty of peach, mango, pineapple, and strawberry. Tart and sour as funk! Tastes like a tropical punch bowl. You will love it!! *Contains milk products

Double IPA

Citra Ass in the Sand

Double IPA – ABV 7.8% IBU 63
This dry-hopped Double IPA is loaded with citrus aromas, lasting pungent bitterness, and a malty backbone. You might say it’s like Nuclear Sunset’s badass older brother…Nuclear Sunset has a punch but this DIPA will kick your ass!

Lot 10 Brewing Company | Beers


American Wheat-Style Ale

Solitary Berry

American Wheat-Style Ale
ABV 4.9% IBU 12

This American wheat-style ale is uniquely delicious. Balanced hop bitterness with a subtly sweet & tart strawberry finish. This is truly a crisp and refreshing ale.